5 Strategies For Productized Service Customer Acquisition
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5 Strategies For Productized Service Customer Acquisition

5 Strategies For Productized Service Customer Acquisition

If you want to be a successful productized service, you will need to master the art of customer acquisition. Landing the first customer for your productized service is a major milestone. Now you need to take what you’ve learned from this experience and put the building blocks in place to further scale your customer base.

There are so many lessons that you can learn from the process of landing the first customer for your productized service. As you continue on the journey of customer acquisition for your productized service, you will learn valuable lessons about the effectiveness of certain strategies and tactics. You will then be able to apply this knowledge in future marketing efforts.

It’s vital that you see customer acquisition as a learning process. This is something that can take years to master, and very few businesses can perfect the craft of customer acquisition right off the bat. Ultimately, it all comes down to learning about how your target market responds to brand messaging, marketing assets, and the value proposition of your service.

Are you ready to start winning new customers? In this article, I am going to run through five crucial strategies for productized service customer acquisition in 2020. Some of these ideas may be more suitable for your specific business than others. Above all, I hope this article helps to get your creative juices flowing with ideas for growth marketing strategies.

1. Clearly Define Your Target Audience


To craft an effective customer acquisition roadmap, you need to have a very clear picture of exactly who you are targeting.

  • What job position do they hold?
  • What demographic are they in?
  • What is their geographical location? What challenges are they facing?

These are key questions that you will need to ask yourself before taking steps to get these customers in your sales funnel.

A productized service may have multiple target audiences. For instance, you may be a graphic design service that wants to specialize in the health and fitness industry while also catering for a wide variety of other industries. In this case, you would run a targeted campaign aimed solely at acquiring customers in the health and fitness industry.

It’s always best to keep your marketing campaigns as hyper-focused as possible. This will enable your brand messaging and value proposition to resonate with your target market to a greater extent than if it were too generalized and vague. You should never be afraid to “go niche”. In a competitive market, consumers want to find the perfect solution to their specific problem, and being a niche service can help you to become a go-to business in an industry.

2. Design Targeted Landing Pages


A landing page is a core component of your sales funnel. This is where the real magic happens! The copy and visual design of a landing page will make or break your ability to drive conversations and increase customer acquisition. For this reason, you should design landing pages that are hyper-focused on specific niches. You should have a landing page for every niche you cater to.

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool for boosting consumer confidence and driving customer acquisition. This type of content should be at the very forefront of your landing page and can include a mixture of testimonials and case studies. You need to do everything you can to fill your customers with confidence that you have the chops to deliver exceptional results.

Landing pages should also include a brief summary of the story behind your productized service. This is something that so many business owners fail to include on their landing pages. If you want your target audience to make a buying decision, you need to connect with them on an emotional level. I encourage you to share the personal story that is hidden behind your service, along with some of the struggles you faced in making your dream a reality.

When you are providing B2B services, business owners love to find other business owners that are sharing their struggles, ambitions, and desires. We are naturally attracted to people who, in many ways, are similar to us. This is why you should try to be open and transparent on your landing pages about who you are and what you’re trying to achieve with your business.

3. Launch A Referral Program


I know so many productized services that have been built off the back of highly effective referral programs. Word of mouth is an essential marketing tool for your business, and you should be encouraging your customer base to talk about your productized service with others through the use of incentives. This really is the perfect recipe for exponential growth.

Existing customers can be incentivized to refer their friends to your service with a simple discount on their invoice bill. If you don’t think this is enough, you could potentially offer them a gift card or even hard cash. There are some referral programs that offer a percentage of a customer’s monthly spend on particular services as a form of passive income.

The options for your referral program are endless! There are many different directions that you could take your referral program in, and there’s no reason why you cannot at least try all of them. You could set up two different types of referral programs, with unique incentives, and send them to either half of your customer base. You will then be able to measure the effectiveness of each referral program model and make a decision on how you proceed.

4. Produce High-Quality Blog Content


SEO blog content with targeted keywords could be an exciting marketing strategy for your productized service to explore. With high-quality content that focuses on your specific niche, you will be able to drive plenty of organic leads to your website from search engines. You can produce blog content around keywords that have “consumer intent”, boosting the likelihood of the consumer being in a position where they are ready to make a buying decision.

At the same time, you can craft written content that builds momentum around your service offering, communicating the key value proposition and potentially diving into some case studies. Many productized services use their blog content as an educational tool for consumers to learn more about why they need their particular services.

Blog content can be shared across social media platforms and other marketing channels to drive brand awareness, which can ultimately lead to customer acquisition. You should think of blog content as being a marketing asset that can be used at any stage of the sales funnel. Whilst blog content can be used solely to create brand awareness, it can equally be useful in getting prospects over the finish line and converting them to paying customers.

5. Run Competitions & Giveaways


I haven’t seen many productized services run competitions or giveaways as part of their digital marketing campaigns, but I can absolutely see value in this. In a recent article, I pointed out the need for productized services to have an “irresistible offer”. An unbelievable offer that your target audience simply couldn’t turn down or ignore.

Competitions and giveaways can consist of irresistible offers that are both attractive and appealing to your target market. If there’s a way you can provide your target market with value and boost brand awareness in a niche industry through a competition or giveaway, you should start considering potential campaign ideas.

Running a competition or giveaway that is hyper-focused on a specific niche will inevitably garner the attention of your target audience on social media platforms. To get more people in your sales funnel, you need to get individuals in your target audience talking about your brand. This will help to build brand awareness and recognition for future customer acquisition.

Final Thoughts

I hope these five strategies for productized service customer acquisition have helped to get your creative juices flowing as you consider the overall growth marketing roadmap for your business.

Customer acquisition is a particular interest of mine, and I love working closely with productized services to see how they could be utilizing certain marketing channels to drive customer acquisition.

If you are looking to boost customer acquisition for your productized service, I would be very interested to hear more about the goals and ambitions that you have for your productized service.

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